Five International Leather Publications To Follow in 2021

Staying up to date with all things leather can be a full time job, below we list out five of the top international sources you should be subscribed to remain ahead. Read on to see who made it to the list.

1. Leather International

If you are interested in grasping all sorts of information on leather that is neatly categorised and broadly explained, Leather International is a perfect match. Their website has a Leather Guide with tags for different industrial processes and tools presented along with the number of articles written for each category. Apart from that, they create downloadable magazines every 2 months summarising all the important news happening in the leather industry. Press Releases and Leather TV are also displayed on the website and contain corporate news and videos intended to educate the public. So, if you aim to stay up-to-date with the news of the leather industry and receive a recap every couple of months, you should check them out!

2. International Leather Marker

International Leather Magazine

Similar to Leather International, International Leather Marker also publishes articles on the leather industry. However, their content is not entirely focused on leather, but also on other industries related to leather. Their content contains a lot of helpful information, but premium news requires an annual subscription plan. Additionally, a broad scope of webinars, podcasts, articles that are being published since 2013 can help you to gain new insights and get inspired. You can also download their mobile application to constantly get updates, as the publications are as frequent as 10 per week.

3. Tannery Magazine

ARS Tannery

Tannery Magazine is an Italian magazine that captures articles by categories, and the one you might be interested in the most is the #industry. There is information on leather articles about fairs, markets, events, and associations under this hashtag that may come in handy. Apart from leather publications, Tannery Magazine also makes publications about recent technologies and chemicals 3 times per week. Free downloads like Sustainability Reports, Technology Reports are also accessible upon registration. Thus, if you would like to check out very concise and organised material, do not hesitate to visit this website.

4. Leather Naturally

If you are looking for a visually pleasing website design with a modern touch, then Leather Naturally is your #1 option! It is a not-for-profit industry association that focuses on education and promotion of leather. Their downloadable fact sheets can tell you more about manufacturing, sustainability, benefits and guide you through all the processes. Apart from that, website's leather library that contains articles that are published not as frequently as on other magazines, but are incredibly informative and interesting to read. Just as other magazines in this article, Leather Naturally also has a wide range of educational videos on leather along with events, press releases and webinar information.

5. Metcha

Modern, excellent mix of educational and entertaining content. Website layout makes the reading process unnoticeable, while a bright design element and outstanding approach of proposing information make you want to read more. These all are about the journal under the Leather Naturally - Metcha. While their apparel category includes articles about leather and brands worldwide, the rest of their content focuses on lifestyle, designers, brands, opinions, and many other aspects of the fashion industry. Bold voice with an easy-to-grasp material: If that would be something you are interested in to read, take your chances with Metcha!

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