Why Is Transparency Important For The Leather Supply Chain?

Transparency is having its moment in the textile and apparel industry at large. But what does it mean exactly? We'd like to introduce you to Anna Rönngard, who spent over 12 years as a champion for sustainability within the H&M group. If there's one person who can define what traceability is, it's her. Read on to learn more about Anna and her mission to help brands achieve their ambitious sustainability targets.

Since leaving the group earlier this year and moving back to Sweden, Anna sits at the head of her own Consultancy firm, AMRA where she works with brands to map and gain more visibility in their supply chain. While Anna works with various brands that deal with diverse range of materials season after season, we will be focusing on leather for this article.

It's no surprise that the leather supply chain is in need of a transformation, or at least a little sprinkle of digitalisation. This is where AMRA's Transparency Guide comes in. Written by Anna herself, the guide serves to be a starting place for brands to grasp the very nature of complexity we refer to when we think of how leather goods are made.

The objective of her guide is to support the ambition of companies to be more transparent and to highlight best practices on how to create full traceability within your supply chain. Leather is one of the chapters in this guide.

Leather is notoriously known to have a complex supply chain. And no, we are not referring to alternative types of leathers. Rather to a supply chain that starts at the beam-house and goes through several industrial processes before it is transformed into fashionable items such as upholstery, luxury hand bags and your favourite sneaker drop. But we'll save the supply chain deep dive for another day.

If you're curious to know more about certifications, accessible physical and digital solutions, and best practices download the leather chapter here for free using the code 'LEATHER20' : https://www.amraglocal.com/product-page/leather-chapterhttps://www.amraglocal.com/product-page/leather-chapter

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